Drum Booth

"Silencer" Performance Drum Booth™, Enclosure, Cage, or Surround provide max sound absorption with "The Sound Trap Advantage"™.  Furniture quality, portable with optional colors, door and ventilation panels.  The combination of drum shield panels, and acoustic roof and wall panels creates an effect and easy to setup Drum Booth. 

  • Room  echo and stage volume dramatically reduced
  • Furniture-quality construction and appearance
  • Portable design
  • Rigid panels that don't sag
  • 3 different models in either 6 or 6.5 foot tall
  • NRC rated .95 absorbing material 
  • Door available for easy access and cable pass-through
  • Optional ventalation panel
  • Great Visibility with a full length drum shield
  • Colors to match any décor

 As part of our design, the "Silencer" Roof leaves no gaps over the drum shield, which further limits the escape of sound.  No assembly--- set up in minutes.     



Love the Silencer Drum booth, and so do all my neighbors. Thank you again for all your help in choosing the right one for my needs.

Walter R.


Everything is in great condition. The Silencer works so well, we cannot believe it. It's superiority to our old ************* drum booth is like night and day. Thanks for producing such a great product!


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The Sound Trap Advantage

"Silencer" Performance Drum Booths™ also known as drum cages, drum enclosure or drum surrounds are easy to setup and an elegant solution to sound containment.  Our method of construction creates "The Sound Trap Advantage"™ to absorb the most sound and, unlike others, also block sound. 

Built to Last

In addition to great performance, "Silencer" Performance Drum Booths™, with furniture-quality construction, are built to last.  Storing blocks on the roof or drum shield lid or top is not a recommended use, but it illustrates the solid, sturdy construction.   The roof completely covers the top with no gaps to allow sound to escape.

Great For

Studios (Home or Professional)
Practice Rooms
Vocal Booths

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Door Option available, ventilation panel without fan motor.

These are also known as Drum Cages, Drum Booths, iso booths, drum enclosure or Drum Surrounds. 

We do custom sizing, call us to discuss your unique requirement.

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