DrumPerfect "Silencer" Performance Booth Studio 6

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Silencer System Practice 6.0 are an easy to setup furniture like solution to sound containment.

Shown with optional door. 

Ventilation panel with 6 inch duct also available (fan motor not included)

Frieght curb-side delivery included.

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Silencer Systems are an easy to setup furniture like solution to sound containment. Our Sound Trap Method of construction absorbs the most sound and unlike others blocks sound. Silencer Studio 6 contains a PRO 6.0 x 6 Drum Shield, 2- 6-Ft. Sound Traps with a single 6-Ft Sound trap for the middle, and 3 piece Silencer Sound Trap Roof. As part of our No Gap design, the Silencer Roof leaves no gaps over the drum shield to provide sound control. With our Sound Trap (portable acoustic panels) design sound absorption is maximized. If you play live, be prepared to mic the drums and run them through the monitors so others can hear them. No assembly sets up in minutes. Free shipping to 48 states, call for shipping to other locations. System exterior (maximum) is approximately 7-ft 4 inches wide and 6-ft deep. Also known as drum booth, drum booths, drum cage, drum noise control, drum noise reduction, drum practice rooms, drum screen, drum screens, drum shield, drum shields, drum sound control, drum surround.
Additional Information
Height 6.0 ft.
Depth 6.0 ft.
Width 7.0 ft 4 in
Total Number of Panels NA
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