Drum Enclosure - DrumPerfect "Silencer" Performance Booth Studio 6.5

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Drum Enclosure- DrumPerfect "Silencer" Performance Booth Studio 6.5

  • Control sound in Churches, Homes, Studios and many other venues 
  • Over 114 SQ FT of sound absorbing material
  • Reducing room echo and stage volume
  • Easy to setup furniture quality solution to sound containment
  • 6.5 tall on the inside
  • Full length drum shield with no extensions for a clear view
  • Optional 4 panel Sound Trap window front with 4 windows
  • Optional Door and Vent panels
  • Multiple colors to match any decor
  • Ships curb-side freight


Silencer System Studio 6.5 is 6.7 feet tall with 6 panel clear acrylic drum shield panels or an optional 4 panel Sound Trap window front with 4 windows, 5 Sound Trap acoustic wall panels and a 3 panel Silencer Sound Trap Roof for sound absorption.  While these drum enclosures or cages are not sound proof, customers report up to a 50% reduction in sound; each venue has its own unique sound characteristics and results may vary.  Outside dimensions (maximum) are approximately 7-ft 4 inches wide and 6-ft deep.  The inside dimensions vary based on setup, but the booth is 6.5 feet tall on the inside, and around 7 foot wide and 5.5 deep. 

Windows or Clear Acrylic

With two versions of the booth front, one is bound to fit your needs.  If you are performing or just want people to see you drumming away, go with the standard clear acrylic front.  Full length glass for a clean and clear look.  For applications that need a little extra sound absorbtion choose the 6 window front.  This packs on 6 additional panels with added sound absorbing power. 

Door and Vent Options

With a choice of 3 colors you are bound to find a color that matches your decor.  The ventalation panel is great for help keep the drummer cool while pounding away.  While the booth can be entered by moving a panel out of the way, the Easy Access Door makes getting in and out a breeze. 

Customer Proven

Our customers LOVE this booth; read our testimonials these Drum Surround Enclosures really cut volume and look fantastic.   The secret is in our design and materials.  Made with super-thick absorbing material, MDF for sound blocking and fully carpeted for looks and durability.  Designed to be portable, requiring no tools for setup.  Perfect for churches, studios, homes and many other venues.

Furniture Quality Construction

Wood frames with MDF backs makes for a strong and long lasting booth.  Each Sound Trap acoustic panels boasts a sound absorbing NRC rating of .95.  This means it really absorbs sound. Each component of the booth is cut using computerized CNC machines with tolerances of a couple thousands of an inch, Yes, thousands.  We have customers who have had their booths for over 10 years.  Making the booth an investment that lasts.

Designed by Musicians

Musicians love stuff that is simple to setup and works! Drumperfect owners and designers are family members that were all working musicians with three drummers in the family.  We built our first drum shield in the 70's.  No tools are required.  The roof overlaps panels to create additional sound absorbtion. 

Made in the USA

Over 90% of our raw materials and supplies are sourced from USA manufacturers.  Our products are designed and manufactured in our home state of Arizona.  DrumPerfect has been using local labor and USA materials from the very beginning, since 1999.  We appreciate your support in helping us provide local jobs and support our local economy. Buy DrumPerfect.com.



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