Vocal Booth


  • A full 6.5 feet Tall on the inside
  • Two 2ft tall sealed double acrylic glass windows
  • Sealed door with handle for easy access and sound control
  • Over 112 Sq. Ft of sound absorbing material for dead sound recordings
  • All seams and corners covered to promote sound isolation
  • Portable, sets up in about 10 minutes
  • Colors for any decor
  • Standard cable passthru with optional XLR panels

4 x 4 with 2 foot windows.

Sound Absorption

Many of our competitors forget that to ensure a clean recording, absorbing sound is as important as blocking it. Their booths contain as little as 24 sq. ft. of absorbing surface, whereas our 4 x 4 Vocal Booth or Voice Over Booth contains over 112 sq. ft. of absorbing surface that has an NRC rating of .90 .

Including more, high-rated NRC material results in a quieter, cleaner recording.

Sound Isolation

These vocal booths use are our Seam Cover and Corner Stop design to ensure a no gap design.  The windows and door are sealed with closed foam rubber to further close seal the booth.  Plus, all of our Voice Over Booth panels use a thick heavy MDF backboard to block-out noise and create an effective iso booth.   

All hinged areas are covered with our removalbe Corner Stop to block sound, yet still allows our panels to be portable.

Vocal Booth Options

4 x 4 Vocal Booth with acrylic glass front.

XLR Pass thru panel with one XLR and one 1/4 inch stereo jacks.  Also available with 2 XLR's and 2 1/4 inch sterio jack.

Ventalation panel (fan and hose not included).        

6 x 4 Vocal Booth or iso booth with the optional 3 foot windows.   This booth is used as a translation booth during seminars.

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