Sound Trap

Absorb 50% more low and mid frequencies with Sound Trap free standing portable acoustic panels. Drum Shield “Silencer” Roofs, custom work available. Church, studio, club, practice room use.



Sound Traps 4 ft and 2 ft

These acoustical panels are the perfect addition to a set of Drum Shields. 


 Industry high NRC rating of .95 so you know your getting the maximum sound reduction possible.

High density speaker carpet that stands up to abuse.Multiple colors to match your color scheme.

Over 1.5 inches thick for maximum performance.Multiple sizes to match you needs.

Wood frame with a hard back construction.

Sold in Packs of 2 Traps (4 total panels)

From 2 to 6.5 Ft tall. 4 feet wide ( 2 x 2 ft wide).

Sound Reduction in an Attractive and Usable Design

  Sound Traps consists of two 2 foot wide panels hinged in the middle that are 2, 3, 4, 5, 5.5, 6 and 6.5 feet tall. This allows you to custom design a system to match your needs.  For example, you could place a set of 2 foot tall Sound Traps in the front section of your shield and 3 foot tall panels along the sides of your shield. Finally, add two sets of 4 foot Sound Traps in the back of your set.  For studios or home use multiple sets of 4 or 5 foot Sound Traps to enclose your set and drastically reduce your volume.

   Our lightweight wood construction is covered in a fabulous looking material that is available in a variety of colors. 

  Why Free Standing Panels?

4-ft Sound Trap, 2 Pak. 

The 8 linear feet will cover the front of a drum

   Great For Studios or Rehearsal Rooms 

 Our drummers have tried all types of designs and free standing acoustic panels work the best.  The closer the Sound Trap is to the source of the sound, the more the sound is controlled.  A free standing acoustic panel design allows for the placement of the Sound Trap as close as possible to the drums.
 Quality Construction
 Sound Traps are 1 3/4  inches wide .  They are equipped with heavy duty hinges .  The traps have a hard back that is covered with matching cloth for a great look.
 Unbeatable Performance
 Why have a backing?  A backing allows the sound absorbing material to work as designed resulting in the maximum noise control.  An absorbing panel without a backing may not work according to the published NRC rating.   The NRC is a rating of a materials sound absorption over a certain frequencies.  Usually,  the higher the rating, the better the noise control, but beware some panels achieve a high rating by absorbing lots of the high frequencies and little of the lows and mids.  Here is the manufacture rating for the absorption material in Sound Traps.
125 hz 250 hz 500 hz 1000 hz 2000 hz 4000 hz NRC
.73 .95 .80 1.01 1.05 .98 .95