6.5 Ft Tall Sound Trap Acoustic Panels- 2 PAK

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Includes 2 sets of Sound Traps.  Each set consists of two 6.5 x 2 panels hinged together. For a total of 4 panels.   Bass drum not included. 


6ft 6in tall panels

Durable carpet covering

2 in thick sound absorbing material

NRC absorption rating of .95

A total of 8 linear feet wide

Optional colors for any decor

Free standing design for maximum flexibility

Wood frame with a hard back construction

These portable acoustical panels are the perfect addition as a rear sound absorbing wall behind any Drum Shield..  Sound Traps will absorb the sound of the drums before it can be reflected by the DrumPerfect Drum Shields resulting in a lower stage volume and the ultimate drum sound.  Sound Trap consists of two 2 foot wide panels hinged in the middle.  A 2-Pak is 8 linear feet wide.  Used with home studio, acoustic panel, acoustic panels, drum noise reduction, sound panel, sound panels, sound reduction, sound absorption, noise reduction, drumming

Free Standing Design

Our drummers have tried all types of designs and free standing acoustic panels work the best.  The closer the Sound Trap is to the source of the sound, the more the sound is controlled.  A free standing acoustic panel design allows for the placement of the Sound Trap as close as possible to the drums.  A backing allows the sound absorbing material to work as designed resulting in the maximum noise control.  An absorbing panel without a backing may not work according to the published NRC rating.   The NRC is a rating of a materials sound absorption over a certain frequencies.  Usually,  the higher the rating, the better the noise control, but beware some panels achieve a high rating by absorbing lots of the high frequencies and little of the lows and mids.

Customers Love These Aucustic Panels


I am VERY pleased with how the sound traps look AND work.  My guess is that they took the sharp edges off the drum sound and reduced the overall sound by 30-40%.  We received numerous comments from the congregation, impressed with how well they worked.

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