DrumPerfect 4 x 6 Vocal Iso Booth

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Portable and easy to setup vocal or voice over booths. Complete with door and roof

Ships freight from Phoenix AZ.  You will be contacted by phone for additional shipping charges

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<p>Vocal Booths, Voice Over Booths . These vocal booths are great as translation or voice over sound control booths. A full 6.5 feet tall , 4ft x 6ft on the inside , Door panel, Two 2 x 2 Window panels with double acrylic glass, Optional 3 inch cable pass-thru at the top and bottom of door , Optional 2 or 4 port XLR and Headphone Jack panel, Over 142 sq. ft. of absorbing surface, Available in multiple colors, Easy to assemble corner and seam covers for maximum isolation . Setup for these vocal booths or recording booths takes about 5 minutes and they can be stored easily flat. Used for professional and home recording studios as vocal or voice over booths. Or by churches, schools and other organizations as portable translation booths. NOTE: Vocal Booths ship freight from Phoenix, AZ curbside delivery at an additional charge of $400 to $900 depending on location and shipping options. Upon receipt of your order, we will contact you with your shipping costs. Portable voice over booth, record voice, recording vocal booth, singing booth, translation booth, translation booths, vocal booth, vocal booth studio, vocal booths, vocal studio, vocalbooth, vocals booth, voice booth, voice over booth, voice over booths, voice over equipment, voice over recordings, voice over studio, voice over studios, voiceover booth, sound booth, recording booth.</p>

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