6 Ft Tall Sound Trap Acoustic Panels- 2 PAK

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Includes 2 sets of Sound Traps each set consists of two 6 x 2 panels hinged together. For a total of 4 panels. 
Drum set and Drum Shield not included.

These portable acoustical panels are the perfect addition as a rear sound absorbing wall behind any Drum Shield..  Sound Traps will absorb the sound of the drums before it can be reflected by the DrumPerfect Drum Shields resulting in a lower stage volume and the ultimate drum sound.  Sound Trap consists of two 2 foot wide panels hinged in the middle.  A 2-Pak is 8 linear feet wide.  Used with home studio, acoustic panel, acoustic panels, drum noise reduction, sound panel, sound panels, sound reduction, sound absorption, noise reduction, drumming

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