Customer Testimonials
Silencer Testimonials


Love the Silencer Drum booth, and so do all my neighbors. Thank you again for all your help in choosing the right one for my needs.

Walter R.


Good morning, I am looking to order a "Silencer" Drum Booth, the Concert 6.5 with Door in Black.  I’m with Calvary Church in Springfield, and we ordered this same booth a few months back and absolutely love it.  I would like to order another one for a second campus we are about to launch.  Thanks in advance.

 Nathan R.


We installed the booth this morning. Looks fantastic – really cleaned up the stage. That’s probably the biggest surprise is how much better the stage looks. And the sound is great – we actually have control over the drums! Overall stage volume is way better too!

I have an added reason to look forward to worship this week – I’ll be in the congregation to hear how it all sounds. Last week I was in the band and just heard it from the stage (BIG difference). We actually had to put the drums in the monitors some. What stood out to me is how crisp the drums now sound and there is a lot more nuance in the sound. Before it was just a ton of noise! Thanks again for your help and patience!!!

Joel S, lead pastor


Just wanted to let you know that we received the drum booth last Friday and are very pleased with it. It has exceeded everyone's expectations and does its job beautifully. Thanks again!

Joel L.


Everything is in great condition. The Silencer works so well, we cannot believe it. It's superiority to our old ************* drum booth is like night and day. Thanks for producing such a great product!



I wanted to follow with you on our new Drumperfect Silencer Concert 6.5. We love it!

It works exactly as described and exceeded our expectations. Before we got the silencer we were using a traditional 5 panel drum shield. Even in our 1250 stadium seating auditorium that was insufficient. I struggled to keep up with the db level of the drums and the overall sound quality suffered because of it.

Since getting your product all our audio problems have been solved. I have complete control of the mix and the stage volume is practically nonexistent.

Of all the products we researched yours was the best looking and most reasonably priced, and your customer service was outstanding. I will send you some pictures soon, as soon as we get a light in it.

Please feel free to refer future customers to us as a reference for your great product. Thank again!



Sound Trap Testimonials


Thanks so much for the timely shipment of the sound traps to our church. I'm impressed with the aesthetic appearance and with the effective dampening.

It was pleasant working with you.

Tom D.

Worship Director


I am VERY pleased with how the sound traps look AND work.  My guess is
that they took the sharp edges off the drum sound and reduced the overall
sound by 30-40%.  We received numerous comments from the congregation,
impressed with how well they worked.

Feel free to quote me!

We'll remember your company for our future needs.

Senior Pastor C

Hi Chris:

Thank you again for your excellent service and products. We are very pleased with the new drum shield and Sound Traps that we received from you.

Everything looks and works very well. Our team drummers are very pleased, and our team sound technicians are very pleased with the separation and control they now have because of the shield and traps.

Keep up the good work. I will recommend your company to all of my friends and associates.


Director of Music & Worship

Vocal Booth Testimonial


Received and assembled! 

I had to try it out right away, so I wired it up and sang all night till I was hoarse!
Excellent workmanship on the beautiful booth.  I extend my appreciation for your diligent help, Chris. 

Give everyone my regards.

Thank you,