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Gina Schock

Billy Ward - Look in the Diary entry for 5/16/2001, near the bottom.  

Check out Richards site Bloody Rich's Drummer Survival Guide

Tommy TuTone  

Paul Goldberg - Independent LA area drummer.

GoldylockS Band  - A rockin band out of Nashville. - A great site from one of our talented Vocal Booth customers.

Links to other drum sites.

Magazines (Alphabetical)

Cyber-Drum, The online resource for drummers.

Drum! Magazine 

Modern Drummer Magazine

DrumPRO Magazine

Drum Lessons

Professional Drum Teachers Guild   - Educators who are experienced, dedicated, committed and genuine. 

Mobile Drum Lessons by Martin Fullard THROUGH OUT ORANGE COUNTY
"get good, get better"  quality, integrity and professionalism counts
 proud member of  Percussion Arts Society and PDTG.  -  Online drum lessons in five levels of drum instruction. Each level contains a free drum lesson with a 20 lesson download available for order. All drum lessons are printable with audio mp3 examples of your drum instructor demonstrating each lesson.

Virtual Drummer School Team  -  A virtual School for drummers and percussionists by Salvador Niebla with the most important teachers (Bill Bruford, Ignacio Berroa, Alex Acuña, and soon Peter Erskine, Nicko McBrain, Horacio El Negro, etc...,forum, faq's, board, ethnic music, lessons, and more... Helping everybody play the drums better!  Free online drum lessons, play along drum beats and reviews of great drum instruction material.

General Music Links

West Virginia Wood Artsis a family owned and operated business. We specialize in extremely custom work and deal largely with personalized drumsticks and guitar accessories.

Legendary Drummer  Charles Connor a pioneer in rock-n-roll drumming.  

Recording Connection: an established music industry school where students train for careers as professional recording engineers. This Drum site and more, check it out! A one-stop branded drum clothing store. The Web's biggest directory of sites related to audio, including hi-fi and home theater, pro audio, the audio and music industries, Internet and broadcast radio.

Harp  specializes in harmonicas and harmonica accessories, and is a secondary seller of accordions, guitars, hand drums, mandolins, banjos, and appropriate accessories at low and discount prices.

ZDT Entertainment Network: Your Connection to a Career in the Recording, Film, TV and Radio Industries.

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