Drum Shields

Check out DrumPerfect.com's PRO Drum Shields, drum cages or drum screens with exclusive features. Designed by musicians, buy direct from our factory and save.. If you play in churches, studios, clubs, outdoors and concerts, let our experience work for you. Call for Free advice.

DrumPerfect.com PRO Drum Screen or Cage

Please note: Due to COVID-19 PPE demand, drum shields are temporarily out of stock.



DrumPerfect.com PRO Drum Cage For additional sound absorbtion see our Silencer Booths.

  • No-Gap Design for maximum volume control.
  • Highest quality ¼ inch clear Acrylic panels for optimum optical quality, strength and reflective properties.
  • Each panel is machined using computer controlled machinery for the best quality.
  • Beveled edges for a professional look.
  • Radius corners protect the panels from damage when being moved.
  • Cable pass through for microphone and other cables.
  • ½ inch wide Rubber footing along bottom edge stabilizes shield and protects against scratches.
  • Full length flexible hinges specially treated for extra-long life, (Guaranteed to last!).
  • Pro fully assembled for easy set up.  
  • Expandable to allow the system to grow with you.
  • Professionally designed shipping cartons so your shield arrives on-time and undamaged.
  • Available in 4, 5, 5 ½ and 6 foot tall sizes with 2 to 6 two-foot wide panels.
  • Three series of Drum Shields to meet your needs.
  • Available in custom sizes.
  • A full line of accessories.
  • Factory Direct Pricing that saves you money.
  • In stock and ready to ship
 How to Size A Drum Shield, Cage or Drum Screen
How many panels should I buy?  How tall should the Drum Screen be?  There is a lot to consider when trying to contain the drum sound.  If you have questions view our guides and pictures on how to size a drum shield.  Click here for the guide.
 Quieter, Yet Better Sounding Drums.  
 After setting up the Drum Shields you will hear a change in the way your drums sound.  On-stage and in the audience the drums will be quieter yet, sound deeper and more natural.  When sized correctly, this “new sound” occurs because the clear shields drastically reduce the bleeding of the drums into other on-stage microphones.  When other on-stage microphones pick up the drum sound, only the upper mid and high tones tend to be reproduced.  This has the effect of making even the best drum set sound tinny.  However, when using a Drum Shield, screen or Cage even an average quality kit can sound phenomenal.     Click here to see how a Drum Shield works.
 What's In A Name?
A Drum Shield is also known as a drum screen or drum screens, drum cage or drum cages, sound shield or sound shields. Regardless of what they are called, the sound containment and sound control properties of these products are great for percussion and drum instruments.  
 Comparing Us to Plastic Companies and On-line Discount Retailers?
When comparing our products to others, make sure you are not getting a box full of pieces that you'll spend hours assembling.  Our PRO Drum Shields are fully assembled, NOT KITS.   If that discount internet retailer site doesn't say assembled, it's not.  Our Drum Shields come with full length hinges, most other retailers sell pieces of hinges.  Full length hinges provide the maximum sound blocking.  We compare prices every week and nobody sells a drum screen or shield  for less.  Most of the time our prices are still less than the plastic company's and on-line discount retailer's kit prices.  90% of our hinge sales are to replace metal hinges from kits.  

At DrumPerfect.com,
we manufacture our own drum shields, cages or drum screens.
You can save up to 30% without sacrificing quality 
because we sell direct to you, the customer.      

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