About Us

Why we do this:
We started this company to provide professional, high-quality drum accessories that are designed by drummers for drummers. Using the Internet and technology allows us to offer these products at the best possible prices, thus meeting two of our three main objectives:

  •   Great Products
  •   Amazing Prices

Our third objective is Fantastic Customer Service.  Just CONTACT US by phone, email or fax and see what a difference it makes having a drummer respond to your request.

Who are these guys? 
Colin Kaspszak has been the driving force behind the design of our products.  Colin has been a professional drummer for over 25 years.  A working musician in Phoenix, Arizona, Colin  tests our products on the job to ensure the quality of the design and manufacturing.  

Helping out with the testing and design of our products is Paul Kaspszak.  Paul has been drumming for over 20 years and works in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area.  Together, Colin and Paul make sure our products meet the demands of working musicians.  They also recommend other useful products that we carry on our site. 

The third principal in Drum Perfect is Kevin Kaspszak.  A former club musician, Kevin has spent the last 20 years as a software designer and retail business consultant.

Christine Kaspszak is our Business Manager.  (Yes, we are a family-run business.)  A former corporate executive, Chris has extensive experience in customer relations.  She manages our daily operations and ensures that all orders and inquiries are processed in a timely and professional manner.    

David Kaspszak manages our production facility and is responsible for product quality and our production crew.

Mark Hoskins is our CNC programmer who makes our machines sing.

What's ahead? 
We encourage you to contact us and tell us about your experiences with our products. Also, look for other new products from Drum Perfect, we are always adding new items.  If you have a good idea and would like help designing, manufacturing or retailing, please CONTACT US.

Thanks from all of us at Drum Perfect!

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