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"Silencer" Performance Drum Booths

More than a Drum Shield

Our booth are made to last.

"Silencer" Performance Drum Booths also known as drum cages, drum enclosures or drum surrounds are easy to setup and an elegant solution to sound containment.  Our method of construction c reates "The Sound Trap Advantage" to absorb the most sound and , unlike other, also block sound.  As part of our design, the "Silencer" Roof leaves no gaps over the drum shield, which further limits the escape of sound.  No assmebly - sets up in minutes.

"Silencer" Vocal Booths

Translation and Voice-over

Over 4 times more sound absorbing surface.

Our "Silencer" vocal booths are packed with features, 4 times more absorbing power for a dead quiet recording with no echo.  A "Silencer" 4 x4 Vocal Booth is 4 feet on the inside, not 3.4 feet like others.  Fully portable and easy to setup and take down.  Sealed windows, door, and seams to really control sound.  3 Colors to choose from with optional XLR and vent panels available. 

"Silencer" Super Traps

Sound Absorbing Panels

Industry-high SOUND SUCKING NRC rating of 1.10.  Amazing low-end absorption - the the specifications below.  Over 4.5 inches this for maximum performance.  The acoustic panels come in two sizes either a 2.5 foot or a 4 foot tall.  Each PAK consists of 4 total panels that are 8 linear feet wide.  Hinged in the middle for easy setup and take down.  Great for studio, home or performance use. 


Super Trap NRC

Science Designed

Computer Manufactured

CNC Routing

This approach ensures that our products have a consistent quality and performance.  Blending this with our unique experience as working musicians results in the best products availalbe today.   We built our first drum shield back in the 70's and our first booth in the 90's.  Those early creations help to form what we proudly build today. 

"Silencer" Sound Traps

Sound Absorbing Panels

Almost any material can absorb high frequency sound, the trick is to block low and mid frequency sound as well.  Our acoustic panel design with rigid wood frames and solid wood backs is "science designed" for superior performance.  All drum booths, vocal booths and sound trap acoustic panels use this same design. 



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